1. Why Hel Looks is the Only Fashion Blog You’ll Ever Need

    (except maybe this one?)

    New York City fashion blogs really chap my ass. And I know my co-blogger Kendall lives in NYC and is a fashion designer and is fashionable within NYC, but I think she’d probably agree with me. I can’t tell you the NYC fashion blog fatigue I’ve acquired over the years. It’s like *ZOMG* a picture of people looking fashionable on the streets of NYC during fashion week??? MIND BLOWN! Or even just every day street fashion blogs in like, Manhattan, one of the most fashionable cities on earth where fashionable attire is more accessible than anywhere else in America and also, conveniently, where models congregate. If you have a fancy camera and are taking pictures in Manhattan of beautiful people wearing Comme des Garcons mixed with pieces from Zara (or some variation of the two), I am bored. Do I like Comme des Garcons and Zara? Yes. Is it interesting as street fashion? No. It’s the same way I grew to feel about Jane from Sea of Shoes. If you have a billion dollars and can buy anything you want, your relationship with fashion generally becomes a giant snooze fest (*generally* there are exceptions).

    Two exceptions to the NYC-Fashion-Blogs-Are-Boring Rule: #1. Bill Cunningham who pioneered the NYC fashion blog and is still better at it than everyone. He manages to see beauty everywhere and it never, ever feels like he is label/youth/beauty chasing and #2. Meg Clark from Good Morning Midnight who seems to operate on a regular human income and possesses a super unique style I’ve never seen reflected anywhere else. I feel like she would have the same tastes if she lived in NYC or LA or Boise, Idaho because her style seems to come more from inside her than outside her. 

    What I need from a good street style/fashion blog is to feel like I am interacting with someone’s personal tastes, not just who’s-who and who’s-what and this cost a billion dollars so look! Look! Look! And also that there is a reality there, not an endless parade of lip glossed white girl twenty somethings looking good. I need real life. I need to see how people love expressing their personal style so much that they will do it no matter the age, skin, body type. Limitation breeds ingenuity and that’s where I find my inspiration.

    This is why Hel Looks is the best fashion blog of all time, forever. I have been following it since 2006 and it has never let me down. Garance Dore, The Sartorialist and co. have all come and gone but Hel Looks and I are still going steady. A fashion blog started in 2005 in Helsinki, Finland, Hel Looks showcases literally every type of fashiony or fashion inclined person you could imagine. And amazingly, even though it’s in Finland, manages to be more ethnically diverse than 99% of the street fashion blogs I run across. 

    Here’s what you will find in the delightful archives of Hel Looks:

    *people who are thin

    *people who are not thin

    *old people (men and women)

    *young people (men and women)

    *people with their kids

    *people who are at some kind of fancy event

    *people who are clearly just going to get groceries or something

    *people who are obvious fashion people who love and obsess over fashion

    *people who just have a flair for style and probably don’t really think about it

    *people who buy very expensive clothes and high end labels

    *people who buy everything they own from thrift stores

    And that doesn’t even begin to touch on the actual variety of fashion shown within Hel Looks. Everything from sleek minimalism to hippie chic kind of stuff to super hipster to super goth to handmade to anything you can think of. My personal archives of looks I’ve stored from Hel Looks is so enormous that I almost broke this post into two sections so I could showcase them all. But If you go to Hel Looks, I guarantee you will find something really interesting and unique that will speak to you and maybe actually make you feel inspired instead of the “I will never be able to afford that” NYC fashion blog fatigue. Branch out!

    If anyone has other fashion blogs they love from unexpected cities/towns/regions puh-lease let us know! I’ve found some good ones in Japan lately that maybe I’ll share in another post. But email me at btfulmag@gmail.com


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