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  2. Summer Shopping: Eco + Affordable Basics / 2


    Do you have weddings and parties to go to this summer but are not sure if there are any Eco and cute dresses out there right for the occasion? Are you also somewhat broke from spending money on the wedding gifts (damn those wedding gifts!!!) and have very little left over to spend on said Eco dress? I’m here to help! I’m listing below some of my recent favorite dresses from Eco-friendly brands:


    ASOS Africa dress with peplum and floral print. Made in Mobasa, Africa from traditional African Kitenge fabric / $42 (on sale from $85)


    ASOS Africa printed midi dress with sheer panel. Handmade in Africa / $85


    Amour Vert Milla front overlap dress in tangerine. Made from organic cotton/bamboo in San Francisco, CA / $118


    H&M Conscious Collection pink embellished dress. Made from recycled materials / $69.99


    H&M Conscious Collection pink backless dress. Made from recycled materials / $39.99


    H&M Conscious Collection garden maxi dress. Made from recycled materials / $19.99

    (Note: I couldn’t find any of these on the actual H&M website. I don’t think they have online shopping, do they? You will have to find them at your local H&M. Its worth checking out their great Conscious Collection this season! Lots of fabulous very fashionable, very affordable stuff.)

    And a couple of shoes…


    Jeffrey Campbell X Convert Burke stiletto heel in black. Faux patent leather / $52


    Neuaura Nashira heels. Faux patent leather / $19.99

    Check my post on vegan shoes from a couple weeks ago for more shoe ideas. Vegan bags and clutches will have to wait until next time…. :) 

    Other ideas for summer dress shopping: Free People’s eco-conscious Maheya line, CROP by David Peck (super cute dresses all made in the USA), and your local thrift stores and vintage stores!!

    xoxo Kendall

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    So schoen wie gemalt. Josephine by Elizaveta Porodina. Gala

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    Gypsy, Tramps, and Thieves.

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  6. Tuesday Night Object of Lust: Is that New Guy on Game of Thrones Hot?

    Dany likes him.

    I think he’s a little too romance novel cover with the flowing hair and the devil-may-care half smile. Idk. I can’t tell. What do you think?

    (I guess in real life he’s a rapper?)

  7. Look of the Week

    Vanessa Jackman

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  9. Summer Shopping: Eco + Affordable Basics / 1


    I’m not a big fan of buying new stuff all the time. I hate those “go buy now!” posts that fashion blogs always have, as if the only way to clothe yourself correctly is to be continuously shopping. I’m a little too frugal though—I’ll usually obsess over something by either waiting for it to go on sale or by taking too long to decide exactly what I want, until it is completely out of season or not made anymore, which is why I didn’t have winter boots for an entire winter once in New York. 

    Now I’ve kind of come to terms with investing in a few great new basics at the start of each season. But I have been majorly obsessing over finding the perfect t-shirt dress for summer. It has to be eco-friendly. It has to be long enough. The fabric has too be good quality but not too heavy and hot. The sleeves can’t be too long or short. And it’s essentially a big t-shirt so I don’t want to pay and arm and a leg. See what it’s like in my head?

    In case you’ve been on the hunt too, I thought I’d share my favorite t-shirt dresses of the season from brands that are eco-friendly and relatively affordable.


    Eileen Fisher Ballet Neck dress in Organic Cotton Hemp twist / $158


    Tricotage Speckled T-Shirt Dress (made from 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton) / $82 (on sale)


    White Tent Striped T-Shirt Dress in Japanese Cotton / $203


    Amour Vert Brigitte T-Shirt Dress (made from organic cotton & linen)/ $79


    Amour Vert Tina V-Neck Tunic in Tangerine Stripe (made from Modal) / $79 

    I’m leaning towards the Tricotage dress because I like the loose fit! Which one is your favorite?

    I’ll have lots of posts for eco-friendly summer shopping coming up. In the meantime, the brands above (as well as A Boy Named Sue and ASOS Green Room) are great places to start. Stay tuned for more!

    xoxo Kendall

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